Memorial Services


The Resurrection is the central reality of the Christian faith and shapes Christians’ attitudes toward death, and their responses to it as well. Death brings loss, sorrow, and grief to all. In the face of death, Christians affirm the hope of the gospel with tears and joy. Christians do not bear bereavement in isolation, but are sustained by the power of the Holy Spirit and the community of faith. The Church offers a ministry of hope and love to all who grieve.

Rye Presbyterian Church and its pastors are committed to offering support and encouragement to families and friends in time of loss. Notification of the death of a family member or friend to either a pastor or the church office will enable the church to respond helpfully.

The pastors are available to meet with the family at a convenient time and place to discuss suitable arrangements.

Please click below for information regarding memorial services and/or funerals, and the Columbarium at Rye Presbyterian Church.

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Memorial service and Funeral Guidelines


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