Confirmation Class

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Confirmation Class

Next class

Sunday, November 17  (first name L-Z at 4, A-K at 5)

Assignment for next class:   
  1. Brief Statement of Faith Part 1 (Intro paragraph and the section on God)  (in reading list below)

  2. Look up the word “covenant.”

  3. Bible – Reflect on these questions as you read the following passages: What is being promised in the following passages? What do they reveal about God’s relationship with us?

    1. Genesis 9:1-17

    2. Genesis 12:1-3

    3. Exodus 20:1-21

    4. 2 Samuel 7:1-17

  4. And if you have time: read Rachel Held Evans’ take on prophets (also below).

Questions?  Please contact Dan Love.  


PDF Documents for Confirmation Class

Bible for Smart People

Brief Statement of Faith

Blue Like Jazz

Bryson - Short History

Generous Orthodoxy

Jesus' parables


Presbyterianism 101

Study Catechism

Seven Jesus

Ten People to Know

Bible verses for final paper