All church emails have been non-functional since Thursday evening. 

Please look for a Constant Contact message for alternative ways to reach us.

If you need to reach anyone on the staff, you may also click here.

John Miller


914-967-0842 x14
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Dan Love


914-967-0842 x15
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Jean-Paul Marshall

Associate Pastor for Christian Education
914-967-0842 x17
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Jason Charneski

Director of Music & Organist

914-967-0842 x16

Maida Robinson

Chief Administrative Officer

914-967-0842 x12
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Peggy Berretta

Administrative Assistant

914-967-0842 x10
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Denise LeVan

Pastoral Assistant

914-967-0842 x11
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Juan Velasquez

Head Sexton/Building Manager 

914-967-0842 x25
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