Member login

Database Login for Members

Our database is a secure, password-protected system, made available through ACS, RPC’s data management provider.

Signing on should be easy – a good bit easier to do than to describe. But here goes:

Please click here to visit the database.

1. Once there, if it is your first time, find and click on the “Need a login?” link. You’ll be asked to give your name and your email address. The system will verify that a record with that name and email exists in the database, and you will get an email with a User Name and a password. (Note: if you cannot get in, this may indicate an email or name discrepancy in the system. Please email the church office if there are any errors.)

2. Cut-and-paste the password from the email (it’ll be randomly generated) and return to the sign-in page. After you've pasted in the assigned password, it will immediately ask you to enter a password of your choice.

3. Once in the system, you’ll have several options. Take a look at your profile. You are welcome to make changes – edits can be submitted by clicking the pencil icon on any of your details. Any changes you make will be sent to the church office for confirmation. 

4. You’ll also see that you can search the member directory, getting basic information for others in the church, or, you can view and print a full photo directory, though a more comprehensive directory will soon be available in print through the church.

Any questions, please contact the church office at 967-0842 x11, or by  .