The New Sarah &Abraham Window

    The New Abraham
    and Sarah Window
    Celebrating 150 years
    of the RPC Sanctuary

     Over recent years, and especially through our now completed Imagine Initiative, we have been excellent stewards of the structure created for our inspiration by those who came before us.  We have sought to faithfully repair and restore that which 150 years of use require.  Decades of old paint were stripped off before fully repainting the sanctuary in 2014.  New clerestory windows were installed to brighten up the space.  And with the exception of the newer chancel window and the window at the front of the north aisle, all the windows in the sanctuary have been re-leaded and fully restored.

    Acting on the recommendation of Rohlf’s Stained Glass Studio in Mt. Vernon – the firm that has done all our window restoration – church leaders decided to replace the window at the head of the north aisle rather than restore it.  It would be our gift to the sanctuary – a way of celebrating the sesquicentennial, and our way of expressing our thanks to those who invested so generously before us to create the inspiring space in which we have the joy of worshiping.  It would also be our way of investing in the future so that all those who come after us might be inspired as well.  Blessed by those who have come before us, we seek to be a blessing to those who will follow us.

    A committee of talented church members worked hard on the plans, and after many discussions with the good people at Rohlf’s, a final design was chosen:  Abraham, Sarah, and their whole complicated family, stepping out in faith, and setting out on the journey to which God has called them.  The artist’s design, drawn in England, was pictured on this year’s stewardship pledge card, and is seen here.  Once that design was finalized, the fascinating work in Mt. Vernon began.  Full size drawings were done; each piece of glass hand-selected; and each piece “painted” with the many details of the drawing.  After firing, all the individual glass pieces are being fit together and joined with lead.  Hopefully, the window will be installed early in 2021!

    At the bottom of the window is this word from Genesis: “I will bless you, and in you all families of the earth shall be blessed.”  It is the promise made by God to Abraham, and through him to each one of us who trace our spiritual lineage through him.  As the people of this church have experienced in the sanctuary and in life, God promises to bless us.  God promises to keep us in times of difficulty, to strengthen us in adversity, and to lead us into the future, but always with the larger world in view.  Abraham and his whole complicated family were greatly blessed, and through them, all the world continues to be blessed with a rich and dynamic heritage of faith.

    So too with us.  We are now counted among the family of Abraham.  May we all be blessed – both in our sanctuary, as we enter the next chapter in the story of this church, and in all of life.  As we leave that beautiful space blessed and inspired, may we all go out to be a blessing to the people and the world around us.

    As a gift of the church, we are endeavoring to pay for the window through the generosity of the congregation.  As both inspiration and blessing, there is a church family that will be matching gifts made toward the window, until our goal of $45,000 is reached.

    To be a part of the window financially, you can make a pledge to do so in the coming year or by making a gift online.

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