Call for Recommendations for Church Officers and Nominating Committee

    The Nominating Committee is compiling a list of church members interested in serving as church officers or as members of the Nominating Committee. Please feel free to suggest yourself or someone you know for consideration. The Nominating Committee values and encourages self-nominations.  Before nominating someone, please review the brief description of each Board found following the Recommendation Form found on the link below.   Each elder, trustee, and deacon serves a three year term; youth elders and youth deacons serve a one year term.  Members of the Nominating Committee serve a two year term. Terms begin in January 2022. 

    2021 Nominating Committee:
    Mary Versfelt (Chair), Lisa King, Kristin Kumar, Laura Mackenzie, Doug MacLaury,
    Kingsley Rooney, Christopher Russell, Tony Savarese, and Caroline Wallach

    The Nominating Committee would appreciate receiving your ideas and expressions of interest now.

    Click here for the Recommendations Form.  Please return the form by June 20, 2021 to the church office or via email:    .

    You may also submit your recommendations directly online here:

    Recommendations for Church Officers & Nominating Committee

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