Friendly Visitor

The friendly visitors program seeks to match visitors with those who would like a friendly visit to chat over a cup of coffee or tea or ease the tedium of a recuperation from surgery or illness.  Visiting may be desired due to a short term confinement or to provide a longer, more consistent relationship.  The program will work to match the needs of each individual and volunteer.

No prior caregiving experience is needed-just a desire to bring a smile to a fellow parishioner or community member.  Priority is given to RPC members for visitations but we also extend outreach to facilities such as Port Chester Nursing Home.  If you would like a visit or would like to be a visitor, please contact Marilyn Clague, (967-5260) or Patti Adimari, (967-6351) for more info or to volunteer as a participant.  We meet as a group bi or tri-monthly for peer support so we will not overburden visitors with meetings.  This is a wonderful way to build the body of Christ in our congregation and beyond!

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