Imagine Initiative

The Imagine Initiative nears completion!

Learn more about Imagine and what God has been up to at Rye Presbyterian.


Click here for Video #1 featuring John, Dan and other RPC leaders on what the future holds.
Click here for Video #2:  Man on the Street interviews with Tony Savarese

Click here for Video #3:  A Generosity Story with Gabby and Don McCree

To see the original Imagine Initiative brochure and the Year 2 update, click on the images below:



Imagine becoming Reality

  • A second “Rise Against Hunger” event was held in October.
  • All the ground level sanctuary windows have been restored.  Next up, the round windows in the clerestory.
  • The sanctuary AC helped keep summer attendance stronger than in pre-AC days!
  • The chapel renovation is now complete.  Six new energy-efficient fixtures grace the space with more light and dimmable flexibility.
  • The library refurbishing project is complete.
  • Year 3 of the Saturday 5PM worship service has begun!
  • The second summer mission trip to NOLA was a great success, and plans are in the works for Summer 2019.
  • The RPC concert series continues with Magnificent Music in Concerts and Worship 2018-2019.
  • Office space has been reconfigured for better flow and interaction; and the new third floor supply and storage area is complete.  We are awaiting the elevator to be installed in December!
  • Finally reaching resolution on third pastor housing, in November RPC entered into contract to purchase a 3 bedroom condominium in Rye!  
As Imagine reaches its conclusion this year, we thank you for your continued generosity toward fulfilling all God imagines!