Renewing our Vows

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Ah… the joys of jam-packed June! A season of celebrations and ceremony moves toward the quiet of summer. Weddings, graduations, moving-up ceremonies, “end of the year” picnics and gatherings - it can be a crazy time of year–and one where soon we give thanks for the gift of summer – and collapse into the quieter months of July and August. 

Yet at the heart of many of the ceremonies of this season, some strong promises were made. At any number of weddings, couples looked each other in the eye and made promises to love each other through whatever the days ahead might bring. At confirmation this past month, 23 young people stood before the congregation and promised to seek to be Christ’s faithful disciples through all the days before them.  As we reach the half-way point of the year, and as we have a moment to pause and reflect, it may be worth asking ourselves the question: how are we doing?

I say that, because it is the very thing I need to hear. After the busy run through late winter and spring, the urge to “take the summer off” from as much as possible is strong. For a time that may be a very good thing. We all need down time – time to rest, time to reflect, time to renew our energies and our focus. It is worth making the commitment to do so, rather than letting our lives simply fill with activity, or drift until fall comes back around. That idea has been reflected in the decision the Session made last month to grant me a summer of sabbatical in 2018 – a time to refresh and renew and reenergize – with both “down time” and time of very intentional focus and study. I am grateful to the Session’s commitment to the health and ongoing growth of the church’s pastors!

In the spirit of the commitments made all around us in these recent weeks, it is worth us revisiting our own promises –  promises made to spouses and children; promises made to God; promises made to one another. And with that, how might we be intentional during the quieter months ahead of us about living more fully into those promises?

Here at church, take a look through this issue of Grace Notes.  Opportunities to grow as a people of faith continue on throughout the summer. It slows a bit – most committees pause for the summer, and the Saturday evening service will take a summer break.  But throughout this month and on into summer, there are many ways to renew, refresh, and join the confirmation class in the promise they recently made: Will you share in the church’s worship and ministry, and, through your prayers and gifts, your study and service, fulfill your calling as a disciple of Jesus Christ? 

Together, let us say: We will, with God’s help.





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