January's Song

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January’s Song by Ann Weems -- 

There is a rumor on the streets
that Christmas is over.
Lights and ornaments are packed away,
trees dragged to the curb,
people back to business as usual.
We’re no longer in the party mood;
humbugging is back in vogue.

This is January….
How can Christmas be over?!
The Child is just newborn,
the song of Peace and Goodwill
still rings in our ears.
The shepherds and sages still kneel
to this One who is born to us…
just born to us!

How can Christmas be over??
The story of the gospel is just beginning.
We who saw the Star
now live in its Light.
We who saw and heard
now believe.

Christmas is not over.
We’re just beginning
to follow this One
who calls us now to
live in the Light of Love.
Christmas is not over.
It’s just beginning
and this is January’s song!!


As we enjoy the memories of Christmas now past – as we sweep up the needles and pack away all the decorations, may we hear and live Ann Weems’ words. Christmas is not over!  Even as life returns to “normal,” Immanuel continues to be “God with us,” Joy has come to the World, the Word made flesh is here– bringing light and life around us and in us.  May it be known and seen in your life.  May it be known as we gather as a church – as we worship together, study together, baptize children, ordain new officers, provide for the needy, and plan for the future…. Christmas is not over – this is January’s song!    Dan




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