It's Time for a New Photo Directory

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One of the challenging things for a new pastor is to be able to put names and faces together. It is even more challenging in a congregation of our size. I know that many of you still feel like there are “strangers” in our midst because you can’t put names and faces together. Let’s do something about it!

Do you want to be in pictures? We want you in ours! Much in the life of Rye Presbyterian Church has changed since the last pictorial church directory was produced in 2012. There are many new faces among the congregation and the staff. So we are creating a new directory! Rather than have a company bring their photographers in and then try to sell you their pictures, we are creating our own new directory using YOUR pictures. Many of you have recently had pictures taken of your families to share at the holiday season. Submit one of those.

We will begin by using the pictures we have in our database, but many of these are quite dated. If you have the 2012 Photo Directory and your picture is in it, check it out. You can also follow this link to your membership file in our database to see your picture. If you like it, there is no need to do anything, because we’ll simply use that picture again. If you have joined the church since 2012 we should have your picture on file, but please check online using the instructions above to be sure it is the one you would like us to use.

BUT, if you weren’t in the 2012 directory, or want to change or update the picture that was used there, simply send the jpeg to John Miller at . We’ll take it from there.   If you don’t have the technical capabilities for emailing a picture, you may bring a hardcopy of a photo to the church office and we’ll scan it for you.

Please note that pictures should be clear and up close. Pictures in the directory will be small in size, so the larger or more up close the photo is of the faces in the picture, the better. If you have questions, please contact John Miller at the email above or call at 967-0842.

The deadline for submission of pictures is March 15.

We look forward to having your family’s picture in our new church family pictorial directory. We want to have the highest participation that we can. Help yourself and help your fellow members by being sure your picture is up-to-date, or by submitting a new one. Thanks in advance for making this new directory a success!












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