Confirmation 2014 - Tending the Faith

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      I have always seen the teaching of Confirmation as very similar to the gardening that I do every spring. In the garden, it is a busy season of planning of what to plant where, buying of seeds and seedlings, setting up fences, tilling, fertilizing, and planting. But after a burst of May energy, then there is a good amount of just waiting – watching, hoping, and trusting that seeds will sprout and grow and come to bear fruit – all of which is well beyond the control of the gardener. Confirmation feels much the same way. We plan, we organize, we study, teach, cajole, prod, and ask the questions. Ninth graders read, reflect, write, and think hard about what it all means. But at some level it becomes about what God is doing in the souls and hearts of each of these young people. What a privilege it is to be a part of that process for the young people of this church, and to see God faithfully show up and take on a new dimension in their lives.

Thirty-eight strong, this year’s class was one of the largest classes since the early 1970’s. As the elders who met with them attested, they were deeply thoughtful, mature, and articulate about their confirmation commitments – and full of great questions! While it is always a bit of a flurry at the end, on May 4 we rightly celebrated as they made their public commitments to continue on the journey of faith and were welcomed into the life, worship, and mission of the church. They now step into the role of the gardener – tending the faith that has been nurtured by parents, grandparents, Sunday School teachers, and others - nurturing for themselves the new growth of their spiritual lives.  

As summer arrives and we all ease back on the throttle a bit, may we all join our confirmation class in faithfully tending our own faith over the quieter months of summer. As you plan out your summer reading, add a book with some spiritual content to that summer list, or join next year’s confirmation class in reading the Gospel of Luke over the summer. Till the soil. Feed your faith.

While we will be moving out of the sanctuary and into the chapel in mid-June to begin much-needed painting, there will be both Sunday worship and church school throughout the summer. For those of you who have never been, the 8:30 service is a briefer service with the same sermon as at 10, but that also includes gathering at the Communion Table each week. At 10 o’clock, the children are in worship for part of the hour and then have fun, creative lessons in a more intimate setting all summer long.

Together with the Confirmation Class, this summer and beyond, let us be faithful disciples – day in and day out, in season and out of season.


Congratulations to the Confirmation Class of 2014!

John Barber, son of Cynthia and Mark Barber
Teddy Clark, son of Elaine & Robert Clark
Jamie Clark, son of Elaine & Robert Clark
Natalie Davis, daughter of Wendy & Gary Davis
Penelope Deen, daughter of Cynthia & Paul Deen
Samantha Drew, daughter of Alyson & Parker Drew
Kelly Ferguson, daughter of Carolyn & Bill Ferguson
Olivia Ferraro, daughter of Sharon & Ernest Ferraro
Olivia Giroux, daughter of Stephanie & Leigh Giroux
Chloe Henderson, daughter of Lynn & Arthur Henderson
Reid Hirson, son of Mona & Miles Hirson
Spencer Hunt, son of Cheryl & John Hunt
Emma Jakobson, daughter of Tracy and Patrik Jakobson
Glory Kanes, daughter of Susan and Tom Kanes
Sarah Katsikas, daughter of Lora & Dan Katsikas
Connor Korzelius, son of Cynthia & Rick Korzelius
James Laverty, son of Julianne & Jeff Laverty
Sarah Lent, daughter of Jennifer & Clifford Lent
Teddy Little, son of Susan & Jeff Little
Brenden Lopp, son of Ingrid & David Lopp
Noah Mandracchia, son of Diane & Steve Mandracchia
Max Manning, son of Christie & Chris Manning
Jack Mattson, son of Laura and Jon Mattson
John McFarland, son of Cathy & Bob McFarland
Megan Montalto, daughter of Debbie & Joe Montalto
Charlie Nagle, son of Wendy & Paul Nagle
Madeline Rawson, daughter of Lisa & Michael Rawson
Alex Ruggiero, son of Lucy Rodriguez & Bob Ruggiero
Austin Sammons, son of Diane & David Sammons
Isabelle Sellon, daughter of Allison & Mark Sellon
Christopher Tobin, son of Sally & John Tobin
Cate Turner, daughter of Tracy & Chris Turner
Casimir Vinciguerra, son of Emmanuele & Bruno Vinciguerra
Sarah Vumbacco, daughter of Susan & Scott Vumbacco
Mark Willis, son of Gail & Chris Willis
Michael Wilson, son of Dawn & Greg Wilson
Henry Yeary, son of Lesley and Frank Yeary

















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