Beginnings and Endings..

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I remember how shocked I was my first January here at Rye Presbyterian.  I had anticipated the busyness of December and all that is involved there, and I had assumed that the quiet of winter would be a welcome pause before Lent.  How wrong I was.   In a normal year’s beginning there are annual reports, the annual meeting, the ordination, installation, and orientation of officers, an officer’s retreat, budget finalization, Stephen Ministry commissioning, and Empty Bowls.  On that level, 2014 is no exception.  But beyond the ordinary, this year began with John’s and my installation as your co-pastors, a service that for me powerfully anchored our ministry deep in the grace of God.  If you were not able to be there, I encourage you to read the “charges” given that day - to John and me by our colleague, the Rev. Tami Seidel, and to the congregation by PNC chair, elder Jim Howland

    Yet even at the beginning of this new chapter comes another ending.  After many years of excellent work and faithful service at the Rye Presbyterian Nursery School, Cheryl Flood and Deirdre Winters recently announced their upcoming retirement.  Please also read RPNS Board Chair Sarah Derman’s letter to learn more of the details.  Deirdre and Cheryl will be greatly missed and we look forward to celebrating their work later in the year even as a new chapter begins to unfold.

    As we set our eyes to the work of the future, and amid the busyness of a new year, may we all be reminded that above all else, and above everyone else, this is God’s church.  God has long been at work here, God is present now, and God will faithfully guide us forward together.

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