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Dear Friends,

Throughout Lent and all the preparations for Easter, I kept thinking that things would slow down after Easter. How naive! And that after more than thirty years at this! Since Easter we have been through weddings, funerals, confirmation, Bible Sunday, mission study meetings, and the Mission Gala and Auction. But, finally, this morning as the staff reviewed the calendar it was clear that things are slowing down for the summer. There is a lot of white space on the calendars for July and August.
As we now head into the summer to travel, to relax, to strengthen our spirits, suffer me to muse briefly about possibilities for making good use of the summer.

* Go to church. While a little known fact, we are open all summer long. Take your kids (or grandchildren) along and teach them what goes on in the service, and that God really is important to you all the time.

* Go to church where you are traveling. Dan and Kevin and I are willing to hear how wonderful it is in other places.

* Read, and not just “books for the beach.” A personal recommendation is for the books of Marilynne Robinson. A Pulitzer Prize winner, and a Presbyterian who has reflected deeply on family, tradition, grief, and joy, she is one of the finest writers in America. Her novels Housekeeping, Gilead, and especially Home, will wake up your heart. Her books of essays, The Death of Adam, Absence of Mind, and most recently When I Was a Child I Read Books, will say something about what it means to have a mind and to have a heart.

* Get in touch with somebody you haven’t talked to in a long time. Avoid technology and write a letter or call them.

* Don’t let your kids watch TV or play video games before 6:00 p.m. They’re far too young not to be outside all day. It wouldn’t hurt you to avoid technology a bit, either. If you have one, though, go ahead and make books on an electronic reader an exception. After all, this is summer.



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