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The Christian faith is one filled with symbols; from the statuary of our Catholic friends, the icons used within the Orthodox tradition, to our own use of stained glass windows, crosses, and other symbols. Each symbol or image evokes within us something which speaks of that which it represents. When I came to Rye Presbyterian over two and a half years ago, I came with a “fresh set of eyes.” One of the things that I noticed early on was that we had no uniform symbol or logo for our church. Signage displayed one thing, letterhead another, and our website yet another.

With all of the energy and excitement of the past couple of years, it was time to bring some focus to the symbol or logo that we use for our church as we share who we are with others, especially those who are not part of our church community. In February the session approved a new logo which we are beginning to use. Above is how the church name will appear, and below is the logo.

A logo is an essential part of any organization, including a church. So what makes for a good church logo?

1) If God in Christ is the focus, purpose and life of the church, then a church’s logo should reflect this. By keeping the empty cross central we identify ourselves as God’s resurrection people. Crosses are symbolic of where our connection with God intersects with the relationships we have with others. You will note that the cross used here is based upon the cross that hangs in the chancel of our sanctuary.

2) You’ll notice that when color is used, the word Presbyterian is contrasted. This is in part because that is part of our long heritage. Even more importantly, it is already how many people in our city identify us – The Presbyterian Church.

3) Note that the typestyle is a more contemporary font. We want people to know that we are a forward thinking congregation that is moving in exciting ways into the future. We are not a stuffy “Old English” congregation.

4) A traditional view of branding will tell you to get a good logo and plaster it everywhere. Yet a consistent brand needs to be more built-in, natural and part of everything you say, do and think. This is why we are still using the logo which captures the language that has been used within our congregation for years; that is the RPC abbreviation.

You will be seeing this new image and logo for our church more and more in the months ahead. If you are someone in the leadership of one of our many groups and organizations within the church, I would encourage you to contact Denise LeVan in our office who can share with you PDFs or JPEGs of this new artwork and how it can be best used.

For me personally, when I look at this new image, it evokes in me the words of the hymn, “Lift high the cross, the love of Christ proclaim…” May we do both, in all that we do!






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