Imagine Initiative

The Imagine Initiative is underway!

 We want you to know more about Imagine and what God has in store for you and Rye Presbyterian.  

Click here for Video #1 featuring John, Dan and other RPC leaders on what the future holds. 

Click here for Video #2:  Imagine Journal

Click here for Video #3:  Man on the Street interviews with Tony Savarese

Click here for Video #4:  A Generosity Story with Gabby and Don McCree

Click here for Video #5:  Youth Story

To download the Imagine Initiative brochure and the "toolkit" click on the images below


Imagine Update

We are pleased to announce that for the Imagine Initiative, with 227 pledges received, we have over $4,000,000 pledged!

We've come a long way, and our goals remain ahead of us but within sight! We are at 96% of our Imagine goal. If you've not had a chance to send in your pledge yet, we invite you to do so either by mail, by email ( ) or online CLICK HERE.


Imagine becoming Reality

  • The “Mary window” from the north side of the sanctuary will be reinstalled starting October 17.
  • The sanctuary AC helped boost summer attendance by 14%!
  • The concert series began with a wonderful outdoor evening performance of the The Jolly Beggars on September 10.
  • The chapel renovation work continues. All but a few of the old pews are in good hands now and enjoying a second life.  The pulpit, table, and lectern have been removed to be refashioned and refinished, wiring for sound and power is being installed as a wood floor is finished this month.  New chairs arriving soon!
  • Both manse kitchens are beautifully redone and back in use!
  • The additional third worship service started in September!


Thank you for your continued generosity toward fulfilling all God imagines!


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